Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday
Romance, Comedy, Drama


Director: William Wyler Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Eddie Albert, Hartley Power, Harcourt Williams, Margaret Rawlings, Tullio Carminati, Paolo Carlini, Claudio Ermelli, Paola Borboni

Academy Awards: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Audrey Hepburn); Best Motion Picture Story (Dalton Trumbo); Best Costume Design, Black-and-White

Also Nominated For: Best Picture; Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Eddie Albert); Best Director (William Wyler); Best Screenplay (Ian McLellan Hunter & John Dighton); Best Cinematography, Black-and-White; Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Black-and-White; Best Film Editing

I First Saw In: 2015

Synopsis: A bored and sheltered princess escapes her guardians and falls in love with an American newsman in Rome.

Did You Know? Dalton Trumbo was blacklisted in Hollywood at the time the film was released. So his friend and one of the writers of the final screenplay, Ian McLellan Hunter, fronted for him and took credit for the original story and accepted the Oscar. In 1993, almost 40 years later, the Oscar was finally presented to Trumbo’s widow. However, the Oscar that was actually presented to her was a second one, because Hunter’s son refused to give up his father’s Oscar.

And now a Word from the Guise:
Audrey Hepburn and Eddie Albert are delightful in this film. Gregory Peck, however, was really flat, dull, boring, uninteresting, and any other synonym for boring you can think of. To his credit, it is hard to keep a mild-mannered, low-key character interesting, especially when your cohort is as eccentric as Eddie Albert was. I think the gags with Albert’s character being tripped and getting drinks spilled on him would have been much more hilarious with someone other than Gregory Peck being the one tripping him and spilling things on him. But Hepburn and Albert definitely make up for his lacking.

Oscar Madness Ranking – ??? out of 233