Favourite Cover Song or Use of an Existing Song

Original songs are the only songs that ever get any credit. But there are so many times that a film will use an existing song in ingenious, hilarious, or awe-inspiring ways, be it the original recording or a cover version. And last year was no exception. So, here are my favourites of 2018.

cover song

original winners

Taking the Second Place spot is Cynthia Erivo’s cover of “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes from Bad Times at the El Royale. Cynthia Erivo has some serious vocal chops on her, and the film’s use of this song was so intense, just thinking about it again is making my heart race.

original winners

Katherine Ho’s cover of Coldplay’s “Yellow” is stunning. Used to great emotional effect at the climax, it was responsible for 85% of my tears during Crazy Rich Asians.